Core Divisions

The department has two main core divisions, Biological Conservation and Ecosystem Management.

“Division of Biological Conservation” is composed of 2 laboratories: Biodiversity Science and Conservation Ecology. In these labs, studies on biodiversity, which is a fundamental of the ecosystem, investigations on the mechanisms of ecosystems, and the conservation of ecosystems are conducted through ecological approach.

“Division of Ecosystem Management” is composed of 3 laboratories: Landscape Ecology & Planning, Forest Ecosystem Studies, and Aquatic Conservation. In each labs, specific investigations on the mechanisms of ecosystems, and conservation and management of ecosystems in eaach specific field, are conducted.

These 5 laboratories are located on the Yayoi Campus. Research is being conducted through liaison with professors belonging to the affiliated facilities stated hereafter.

tanadaDivision of Biological Conservation

  • Laboratory of Biodiversity Science
  • Laboratory of Conservation Ecology

Division of Ecosystem Management

  • Laboratory of Landscape Ecology and Planning
  • Laboratory of Forest Ecosystem Studies
  • Laboratory of Aquatic Conservation

Affiliated Facilities

In the Department of Agricultural and Life Science, affiliated facilities such as “Aquatic Bioscience Research Center“, “University Forests” and “Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services” are all available for the education and research in the field science. Each laboratory of the Department of Ecosystem Studies is working in close affiliation with these facilities.

Division of Bioresources Management

nirinsouAquatic Bioscience Research Center

  • Fisheries Laboratory

University Forests

  • Laboratory of Forest Ecosystems
  • Laboratory of Forest Functional Biology
  • Laboratory of Forest and Human Society Relationship
  • Laboratory of Forest and Water Resources Management

Institute for Sustainable Agro-ecosystem Services

  • Laboratory of Agricultural Field Ecology

Ecological Environmental Research Office

  • Laboratory of Ecological Environment Studies

Guest Professors

There are two laboratories organized by Guest Professors invited from reseach institutes outside of our Graduate School, in order to strengthen our research and educational activities.

Division of Bioresources and Eco-Environmental Studies

  • Laboratory of Bioresources and Eco-Environmental Studies
  • Laboratory of Rural Landscape Ecology