Aquatic Bioscience Research Center

Fisheries Laboratory

Brief Lab Introduction

aqua_01-2The Fisheries Laboratory is the only one affiliated institution specialized to aquatic bioscience in the Graduate School of Agricultural and Life Sciences. The Laboratory owns more than 100 indoor/outdoor experimental tanks for the culture of aquatic organisms. The laboratory is also functioning as a station for the field survey in Hamana Bay. Research interests are focused on diverse biological phenomenon exhibited by aquatic organisms at population, individual, cellular and down to molecular levels. Much effort has been concentrated on “Defense mechanisms in marine fishes” in recent time, while field studies have been also conducted actively, looking forward to the improvement, conservation, remediation of aquataic environments and to effective utilization of aquatic organisms.


  • Kiyoshi Kikuchi (Associate Professor)
  • Sho Hosoya (Assistant Professor)
  • Shotaro Hirase (Assistant Professor)

Research Subjects

  • Studies on the defence mechanism in fishes
  • Studies on the reproduction and seed production of fishes
  • Studies on the metabolism and growth of fishes
  • Studies on the environment and biological production in Hamana Bay