Laboratory of Biodiversity Sciences

Brief Lab Introduction

bio_01Various species of creatures, possibly as many as 50000,000, exist on Earth. Millions of years have passed to create these species. We could say that these are some of Earth’s most valuable assets. We will study such biological diversity from the following 3 points of view. The first point of view sees such diversity as a result of adaptation and evolution; the second is on how such diversity is maintained in nature; and the third deals with the conservation of biological diversity as having become harmonized with human activities. With the world filled with the wonder of this diversity of creatures,we are raising awareness of the value of such diversity, and conserving it for the future.


  • Tadashi Miyashita (Professor)
  • Gaku Takimoto (Associate Professor)
  • Go Fujita (Assistant Professor)
  • Yuya Watari (Affiliate Associate Professor, FFPRI)

Research Subjects

  • Ecology and conservation of endangered animal species
  • Conflicts between wildlife and human life
  • Species interactions in small reservoirs and forests
  • Distribution patterns of animals in space and time
  • Diversity and evolution of life history in animals