Laboratory of Forest Ecosystem Studies

Brief Lab Introduction

for_01Forest ecosystem is a part of a complex-ecosystem composed of forest, and other natural and human habitats, which is dynamic and flexible. Our objectives are genetic and ecological observation and analyses of this system, and to find basic rules. We explore dynamics of genetic diversity, population and community structure, aimed at sustainable management of the forest habitats. We try to create a practical forest management theory.

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  • Tsutom Hiura (Professor)
  • Yoko Saito (Associate Professor)
  • Tetsuo I. Kohyama (Assistant Professor)
  • Takuya Saito (Affiliate Professor, NIES)
  • Hisashi Sato (Affiliate Associate Professor, Jamstec)

Research Subjects

  • Analysis and conservation of plant population genetic diversity
  • Species network and interaction in the forest
  • Population dynamics of forest organisms
  • Conservation of endangered populations
  • Planning forest conservation and recovery